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President's Message

The expressway companies of Japan have been working on expressway projects in Japan for more than 50 years. In the process, they have constantly developed one new technology after another to overcome numerous challenges in a diverse range of complex topographical, climatic and social conditions. At the same time, they have conducted technical assistance all around the world, through participation in the activities of iternational institutions, and by dispatching technical experts to developing nations.
japan Expressway International Co., Ltd.(JEXWAY) utilizes "scale merit" by bringing together resources such as human resources, technology. and expertise from every Japanese expressway company. Concurrently, JEXWAY takes maximum advantage of Japan's comprehensive support system to provide integrated solutions for expressway projects.
We work together with various countries and regions including Asia. We will invest and participate in construction as well as operaration and maintenance of activities, those which were previously conducted by each Japanese expressway company.

Japan Expressway International Co., Ltd.