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President's Message

Japan's expressway companies have approximately 60 years of experience in the construction, maintenance and operation of expressways as toll roads. Today, their management extension exceeds 10,000 kilometers and covers a wide range of urban, rural, mountainous and coastal areas throughout the country. They are now continuing to make extensive efforts to further improve the quality and function of their expressways such as introducing the latest technology in asset management, strengthening resilience against natural disaster, and developing rest areas with higher customer satisfaction.

JEXWAY was established in 2011 by five Japan's expressway companies, namely NEXCO East, NEXCO Central, NEXCO West, Shutoko and Hanshin Expressway. Intensively utilizing the technology and know-how cultivated by each expressway company, JEXWAY has been participating in toll road projects in Asian countries in cooperation with expressway companies and various companies and organizations in Japan as a business partner of toll road companies in each country.

JEXWAY will continue to work with Japan's expressway companies for overseas toll road projects with the aim of contributing to the development of quality infrastructure systems in the world.

Japan Expressway International Co., Ltd.