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JEXWAY's Strengths

JEXWAY is the only organization that can effectively utilize the world's leading technologies developed through years of experience in Japanese expressway projects. We make this possible through cooperation with every Japanese expressway company.

Collective Strength of Our "All Japanese" Organization

JEXWAY was established through cooperation among the following five companies: East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd., Central Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd., West Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd., Metropolitan Expressway Co., Ltd., and Hanshin Expressway Co, Ltd.

For JEXWAY's participation in projects, in addition to the above-mentioned five expressway companies, the Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Expressway Company Limited will also join as needed. These six companies work in cooperation to integrate and utilize each company's human resources, experience, and expertise for conducting project operations.

We have our core base at the world's largest scale managing body of toll highways. Also, as Japan's sole domestic contact organization for conducting overseas expressway projects, we will achieve effective project development in every step, including design, surveys, construction, and management operations.

Extensive Expertise and Technology - From Planning to Maintenance

Japanese expressways have been constructed and maintained under a multitude of conditions that includes mountainous regions to densely populated areas, cold to warm climate areas, as well as natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes.
Our road infrastructure technology has been developed over half a century and is highly regarded on a global level. This is especially true for expertise and technology related to disaster prevention technology, traffic safety measures and ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) including traffic control and ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System), which are strongpoints of Japanese expressways.
Based on these latest technologies, JEXWAY will propose solutions for expressway construction as well as operation and maintenance in accordance with the characteristics and conditions of various countries and regions. We will also create "Safe, Reliable, and Comfortable Expressways" through participating projects.

Reference: Japanese Advanced Technologies

Specific examples of Japan's expressway expertise and technology will be introduced in the "Japanese Advanced Technologies" section.

Japanese Advanced Technologies