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JEXWAY's Business Fields

JEXWAY utilizes technology and expertise developed by Japan's expressway companies in order to develop comprehensive management systems for overseas expressway projects.

Business Outline

JEXWAY provides Japanese expressway project technology and expertise for overseas expressway projects. For overseas road investment projects in which Japanese expressway technology is provided, JEXWAY is the contact organization for every stage of the project; starting with finding and formation to operation.

We support a wide-ranging variety of operations for every project stage by utilizing human resources and experience from every Japanese expressway company. We also believe that expanding Japanese outstanding expressway project technology into the global market contributes to the global expansion of Japanese companies.

Regions Served

We serve regions throughout the world, and currently our business activities are mainly centered on Southeast and South Asian regions such as Vietnam, Philippines, India, and Indonesia.

Project Process Flow

JEXWAY will be involved throughout overseas expressway projects from the finding and formation of project to surveying, design and construction as well as operation and maintenance.

(1) Project Finding and Formation

We will conduct finding and formation of projects by exchanging ideas with partner government agencies, Japanese government agencies, and relevant agencies while cooperating with Japanese companies and local partners.

(2) Project Formation and Establishment

We will conduct studies covering technical, financial, and legal aspects, as well as drafting project execution plans.
We will conduct discussions with partner governments as well as local and Japanese relevant agencies, establish SPC, and enter into project contracts with partner countries.

(3) Survey, Design, and Construction

We will conduct surveys, design, and construction of expressways in cooperation with domestic and foreign construction consulting companies and construction companies.
We will examine the effective use of Japanese companies, as well as local companies, according to the required technology so as to construct high quality expressways that can sustain long-term operation.

(4) Operation and Maintenance

We conduct operation and maintenance, pursuing to provide reliable, safe, and comfortable expressways.
In order to do so successfully, we promote the use of local companies and will conduct transferring of technology to local companies as required.