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JEXWAY Participates in the International Transport Forum (ITF 2012)

Mr. Koji Kuroda, JEXWAY's President, participated in the International Transport Forum (ITF 2012) which took place over three days starting May 2 in Leipzig, Germany.
The ITF is a gathering of ministers of transportation from 52 countries (mainly OECD member countries), top management of transportation and infrastructure-related companies, as well as distinguished academics, etc. Topics strategically important to the entire world are covered and the gathering is a framework for proposing courses of action related to transportation measures. It is held in Leipzig, Germany each May with every member country participating.
This year's theme was "Seamless Transport". Over 800 people attended over three days and active discussions were held. In a session consisting of the theme, "Investing in connectivity: Where, Why, When, How?", JEXWAY's president, Mr. Kuroda, explained that connectivity among various modes of transportation such as expressways, airports, harbors, rails, and buses have been progressing. He added that this contributed significantly to Japan's economic development.