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JEXWAY Participates in the17th IRF World Meeting & Exhibition

Mr. Koji Kuroda, JEXWAY's President, participated in the 17th IRF World Meeting and Exhibition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which took place over five days starting from November 10.
The IRF World Meeting and Exhibition, a gathering of government officers, road-related private companies as well as academics, is held every four years. They discussed a wide range of issues related to road policies including plans, economics, and transport management.
In the session, Mr. Kuroda discussed the role of road traffic in the 21st century to maximize happiness by reducing accidents, congestion and environmental loading under the theme of "Innovation in 21st century road transport" In addition, he explained concrete measures such as the historical deployment of ITS (ETC, information provision by information boards as well as ITS spots) and the future image of ITS (the autopilot system).