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JEXWAY Participates in the PSKLM International Expressway Conference & Exhibition (Piece 2013)

Mr. Takeo Nakamura, JEXWAY's Senior Director, participated in the PSKLM International Expressway Conference & Exhibition (Piece 2013) held in Johor Bahru, Malaysia from the 9th to the 11th of September 2013.
The Piece 2013 is the international road conference gathering of government organizations, toll road operators, construction and engineering companies as well as other road traffic related members from all around the world including members from Southeast Asian, Oceania and European countries.
In the conference, a wide range of topics including the asset management of toll roads, technologies for environmental protection, road traffic safety and issues and challenges of toll roads financed by the private sector were discussed through various discussion and panel display sessions.
Mr. Nakamura joined the panel session entitled "The Challenges and Experience of Communicating Tolling Issues to Public" and gave a speech titled "The Toll System and Toll Revision in 21st century" with the head of ITRA (Indonesia Toll Road Authority) and ADB (Asia Development Bank) experts in India among other participants.
In his speech, he introduced the basic concept of the toll rate system in Japan and the elastic toll rate while reflecting on governmental policy and public opinions gathered since the privatization of Japanese expressway companies.
Mr. Nakamura also related concrete lessons from the introduction of the discount toll rate for the National Expressway and the drastic change in the toll rate from a flat rate to a distance based rate in the Tokyo metropolitan expressway.
Mr. Nakamura emphasized that maintaining a clear governmental policy on tolling and toll rate revision, securing transparency in the decision making process, respecting public opinion, as well as delivering proper governmental support and timely efforts by toll road operators were all indispensable for success.