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Launch of Network Survey Vehicle in India by a NEXCO East group company

E-NEXCO INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED (ENI), an Indian subsidiary of NEXCO East, has introduced E-NEXCO Eye, a Network Survey Vehicle (NSV), in India, and began full-scale operation of road surface condition survey for Indian National Highways, identifying cracks, ruts, IRI (International Roughness Index, an index of riding comfort), etc in April 2022.
The ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on 21 April to celebrate the beginning of the operation, inviting officials from the National Highway Authority of India and the CEO of Cube Highways which is the largest toll road operator in India.
E-NEXCO Eye for the operation is a customized version of NSV used on Japanese expressways for Indian specifications.
ENI will continue to expand the full range of road surface condition survey operations in India, where demand for advanced pavement management is increasing, in order to contribute to optimal maintenance planning and the realization of safe road transportation.
In December 2018, JEXWAY and NEXCO East, together with Mitsubishi Corporation and Japan Overseas Institute for Transport and Urban Development (JOIN), acquired part of the shares of Cube Highways.

E-NEXCO Eye launch ceremony by ribbon-cuttingE-NEXCO Eye launch ceremony by ribbon-cutting

Nighttime survey by E-NEXCO EyeNighttime survey by E-NEXCO Eye


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