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Activities in the Philippines

JEXWAY, in cooperation with NEXCO Central and Metropolitan Expressway Company Limited (Shutoko), has built a relationship with Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC), the biggest toll road builder and operator in the Philippines, as the partner for technical collaboration and developing new business through the information exchange about operation and maintenance, such as ETC systems, inspection/repair for structures, traffic management/control and rest area.

Local Partners

Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (Website of MPTC)

Past Events

  • [May 2012]JEXWAY Enters into a Cooperative Agreement with the Republic of the Philippines Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)
  • [April 2019]Memorandum of Understanding between NEXCO Central, Shutoko, JEXWAY and MPTC
    Technical seminar

  • [April 2019]Knowledge sharing of toll road operation and maintenance between Shutoko, JEXWAY and DPWH

  • [August 2019]Lecture to DPWH on toll road operation and maintenance (with Shutoko and NEXCO Central)

  • [September 2019]Technical visit of MPTC to NEXCO Central, Shutoko and JEXWAY

  • [December 2019][January 2020]Workshop on bridge maintenance between for MPTC (with NEXCO Central and Shutoko)

  • [August 2020]Online Workshop between NEXCO Central, JEXWAY and MPTC (Influence of COVID-19 for Traffic, Tunnel O&M, ETC)