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Japanese Advanced Technologies

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Japan's expressways are a collection of technologies, expertise, and systems developed over half a century through experience with diverse and complicated topography, weather, and disasters. Japan's expressways have a "Comprehensive Management System" that boasts the world's leading levels of safety and technology.

This section will introduce typical environmental protection technologies.

Care for the Environment

We have experience and results in minimizing the impact on the surrounding environment, both in urban areas with dense housing and in areas with rich natural environments.

Care for the Roadside Environment

Countermeasures against Noise

Noise barriersNoise barriers

Erecting noise barriers to reduce noise along expressway routes, and developing high-performance road surfacing to control noise.

Countermeasures against Light Pollution

Replacing standard lamps with new lighting fixtures that direct more light onto the road and prevent lights from escaping outwards to the roadside, thus reducing light pollution.

Previous type fixturePrevious type fixture

New cutoff type fixtureNew cutoff type fixture

Previous type of lightingPrevious type of lighting

New type of lightingNew type of lighting

Application of Natural Energy Sources

Power supply for road lighting by photovoltaic generatorPower supply for road lighting by photovoltaic generator

Utilizing natural energy sources such as solar power, wind power and spring water from tunnels for rest areas and road facilities, which contributes to reducing CO2 emission.

Preserving Ecosystems

Environmental preservationEnvironmental preservation

Conducting environmental impact studies before design work starts, and protecting plants and other living things in keeping with the natural environment along expressway routes.