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Japanese Advanced Technologies

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Japan's expressways are a collection of technologies, expertise, and systems developed over half a century through experience with diverse and complicated topography, weather, and disasters. Japan's expressways have a "Comprehensive Management System" that boasts the world's leading levels of safety and technology.

This section will introduce state-of-the-art expressway technology.

State-of-the-Art Expressway Technology

We have state-of-the-art construction technology to handle diverse construction conditions from urban areas to mountain regions.

Next Generation Road Technology Utilizing IT Technology

ITS(Intelligent Transport System)ITS(Intelligent Transport System)

We are developing the next generation of roads through activities such as implementation of ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) that enable us to offer a variety of services.

Bridge Construction Technology to Cope with a Variety of Conditions

We construct bridges for a variety of site conditions, such as bridges between steep mountains or viaducts in cities using economically sound and appropriate methods.

Bridge construction in mountainous regionBridge construction in mountainous region

Viaducts in a metropolitan areaViaducts in a metropolitan area

Tunnel Construction to Flexibly Overcome Restrictions of Construction Conditions

We construct tunnels using various construction methods that take into consideration characteristics of the site. We make full use of advanced construction technology to cope with difficult conditions, for example, in urban areas where lifelines and rail intersect various important structures.

Tunnel Construction in Urban Areas (1) Shield Tunnel Excavation

The tunnel is constructed using a shield tunneling machine, in order to suppress impacts on the surrounding urban environment where many buildings stand in high density above ground and public infrastructure, subways, and numerous other facilities are found underground.

Image of construction using a tunnel shield machineImage of construction
using a tunnel shield machine

Tunnel shield machineTunnel shield machine

Tunnel Construction in Urban Areas (2) Shield Tunnel Expansion Methods Without Open-Cut

The merging/diverging sections of the entrance/exit were constructed using the Shield Tunnel Expansion Methods deep underground without using the open-cut technique from the ground surface.

Image of construction using shield tunnel expansion MethodsImage of construction
using shield tunnel expansion Methods

Completed tunnelCompleted tunnel

Securing Earthwork Quality Unaffected by Land Foundation Characteristics

Even on weak foundations or in landslide-threatened areas, we cam manage earthwork construction by using methods such as stabilization of slopes and appropriate quality control of mounding.

Examples of Construction Using-State-of-the-Art Technologies

Shibakawa Viaduct(Shin-Tomei Expressway)

Shibakawa ViaductShibakawa Viaduct

A construction method has been developed that minimizes the excavated land area even when bridge piers are built on a steep slope. Impact on the natural environment has been reduced, by decreasing the scale of landform changes.

Minatomachi Ramp and Parking Area(Hanshin Expressway)

Minatomachi Ramp and Parking AreaMinatomachi Ramp and Parking Area

Efficient use of the land is achieved by constructing the ramp and Parking Area as a unified structure with a commercial complex.

Omiodori Bridge (Shin-Meishin Expressway)

Omiodori BridgeOmiodori Bridge

This bridge achieves a structure with superb durability and earthquake resistance by adopting high-strength bars and ultra high performance concrete for the bridge piers.

Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line

Tokyo Bay Aqua-LineTokyo Bay Aqua-Line

This expressway crosses Tokyo Bay with a bridge and an undersea tunnel.