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Japanese Advanced Technologies

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Japan's expressways are a collection of technologies, expertise, and systems developed over half a century through experience with diverse and complicated topography, weather, and disasters. Japan's expressways have a "Comprehensive Management System" that boasts the world's leading levels of safety and technology.

This section will introduce systems to provide our customers with comfort.


The expertise developed through expressway construction as well as management is also fully utilized in various service areas and parking areas.

Management and Administration of Rest Areas

In order to make service areas and parking areas enjoyable and comfortable for our customers, we have created building shopping centers with improved facilities and renovated stores.

Renovated restroomRenovated restroom

Large-scale commercial facilitiesLarge-scale commercial facilities

Rest Area Services under the Total Expressway Management

We provide community-based services through integrated management of expressways and rest areas. This also enables us to achieve efficient use of corporate resources.

Rest Area Entrance and Parking Lots Built on Ordinary Roads

Rest area entrance opened to ordinary roadsRest area entrance opened to ordinary roads

At some rest areas, entrances and parking lots have been opened to ordinary roads so that service areas and parking areas can be used by not only expressway users but those living in areas along expressways.