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Website Terms of Service

Please note the following requests and conditions with regards to using the JEXWAY website (<>)


  • JEXWAY takes all possible measures to ensure the information contained in this website is accurate; however, unconfirmed information or information that has not yet been changed may be published.
  • JEXWAY does not guarantee the validity or accuracy of the information published on this website. Please also note that JEXWAY will not be held responsible for any damage or loss to users caused by the use of this website.
  • Please note that information published on this website or the URL may be changed or be suspended without notice.

Management of Personal Information

Copyrights of contents in this website (written content, data, images, etc.) will be returned to Japan Expressway International Co., Ltd., its shareholders, and third parties.
This website may be viewed freely regardless of the intended use. However, contents may not be reproduced or replicated without permission, with the exception of cases approved by copyright laws, such as "reproduction for private use" or "quotations".

Links to this Website

Links to this website may be created without specific procedures. However, if JEXWAY determines the content of the linked website to be against the law or public order and standards of decency, JEXWAY may request that the link be deleted.

Publication in Media

Please kindly contact us before publishing contents in media.

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Website Terms of Service